C.5.2. Linux::Disk IO Throughput

The Linux::Disk IO Throughput probe monitors a given disk and collects the following metric:
  • Read Rate — The amount of data that is read in kilobytes per second.
  • Write Rate — The amount of data that is written in kilobytes per second.
To obtain the value for the required Disk number or disk name field, run iostat on the system to be monitored and see what name has been assigned to the disk you desire. The default value of 0 usually provides statistics from the first hard drive connected directly to the system.
Requirements — The Red Hat Network Monitoring Daemon (rhnmd) must be running on the monitored system to execute this probe. Also, the Disk number or disk name parameter must match the format visible when the iostat command is run. If the format is not identical, the configured probe enters an UNKNOWN state.

Table C.16. Linux::Disk IO Throughput settings

Field Value
Disk number or disk name* 0
Timeout* 15
Critical Maximum KB read/second
Warning Maximum KB read/second
Warning Minimum KB read/second
Critical Minimum KB read/second
Critical Maximum KB written/second
Warning Maximum KB written/second
Warning Minimum KB written/second
Critical Minimum KB written/second