7.2.3. Configuring SSH

If you wish to avoid installing the Red Hat Network Monitoring Daemonand opening port 4545 on client systems, you may configure sshd to provide the encrypted connection required between the systems and RHN. This may be especially desirable if you already have sshd running. To configure the daemon for monitoring use:
  1. Ensure the SSH package is installed on the systems to be monitored:
    rpm -qi openssh-server
  2. Identify the user to be associated with the daemon. This can be any user available on the system, as long as the required SSH key can be put in the user's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file.
  3. Identify the port used by the daemon, as identified in its /etc/ssh/sshd_config configuration file. The default is port 22.
  4. Install the SSH public key on all client systems to be monitored, as described in Section 7.2.4, “Installing the SSH key”.
  5. Start the sshd on all client systems using the command:
    service sshd start
  6. When adding probes requiring the daemon, insert the values derived from steps 2 and 3 in the RHNMD User and RHNMD Port fields.