C.3.3. BEA WebLogic::JDBC Connection Pool

The BEA WebLogic::JDBC Connection Pool probe monitors the Java Database Connection (JDBC) pool on a domain Admin Server only (no Managed Servers) and collects the following metrics:
  • Connections — The number of connections to the JDBC.
  • Connections Rate — The speed at which connections are made to the JDBC, measured in connections per second.
  • Waiters — The number of sessions waiting to connect to the JDBC.
This probe's transport protocol is User Datagram Protocol (UDP).

Table C.6. BEA WebLogic::JDBC Connection Pool settings

Field Value
SNMP Community String* public
SNMP Port* 161
SNMP Version* 1
BEA Domain Admin Server
BEA Server Name* myserver
JDBC Pool Name* MyJDBC Connection Pool
Critical Maximum Connections
Warning Maximum Connections
Critical Maximum Connection Rate
Warning Maximum Connection Rate
Critical Maximum Waiters
Warning Maximum Waiters