7.4.3. Redirecting Notifications

Upon receiving a notification, you may redirect it by including advanced notification rules within an acknowledgment email. Just reply to the notification and include the desired option. These are the possible redirect options, or filter types:
  • ACK METOO — Sends the notification to the redirect destination(s) in addition to the default destination.
  • ACK SUSPEND — Suspends the notification method for a specified time period.
  • ACK AUTOACK — Does not change the destination of the notification, but automatically acknowledges matching alerts as soon as they are sent.
  • ACK REDIR — Sends the notification to the redirect destination(s) instead of the default destination.
The format of the rule should be filter_type probe_type duration email_address where filter_type indicates one of the previous advanced commands, probe_type indicates probe or system, duration indicates the length of time for the redirect, and email_address indicates the intended recipient. For example:
 ACK METOO system 1h boss@domain.com 
Capitalization is not required. Duration can be listed in minutes (m), hours (h), or days (d). Email addresses are needed only for redirects (REDIR) and supplemental (METOO) notifications.
The description of the action contained in the resulting email defaults to the command entered by the user. The reason listed is a summary of the action, such as email ack redirect by user@domain.com where user equals the sender of the email.


You can halt or redirect almost all probe notifications by replying to a notification emails with a variation of the command ack suspend host. However, you cannot halt Satellite probe notifications by responding to a probe with ack suspend host or other redirect responses. These probes require you to change the notifications within the web interface of the Satellite.