A.3.2. Adding Files to a Config Channel

To add a file to a config channel, specify the channel label as well as the local file to be uploaded, such as:
 rhncfg-manager add --channel=channel-label /path/to/file
In addition to the required channel label and the path to the file, you may use the available options for modifying the file during its addition. For instance, you may alter the path and file name by including the --dest-file option in the command, like:
 rhncfg-manager add --channel=channel-label--dest-file=/new/path/to/file.txt/path/to/file
The output resembles the following:
 Pushing to channel example-channel  
 Local file >/path/to/file -> remote file /new/path/to/file.txt
The following table lists the options available for rhncfg-manager add:

Table A.4. rhncfg-manager add options

Option Description
-cCHANNEL --channel=CHANNEL Upload files in this config channel
-dDEST_FILE --dest-file=DEST_FILE Upload the file as this path
--delim-start=DELIM_START Start delimiter for variable interpolation
--delim-end=DELIM_END End delimiter for variable interpolation
-h, --help show help message and exit