A.3.12. Updating a File in a Channel

To create a new revision of a file in a channel (or add the first revision to that channel if none existed before for the given path), issue the following command:
rhncfg-manager update \
--channel=channel-label --dest-file=/path/to/file.txt /local/path/to/file
The output resembles the following:
Pushing to channel example-channel: 
Local file example-channel/tmp/dest_path/example-config.txt -> \
remote file /tmp/dest_path/example-config.txt 
The following table lists the options available for rhncfg-manager update:

Table A.10. rhncfg-manager update options

Option Description
-cCHANNEL, --channel=CHANNEL Upload files in this config channel
-dDEST_FILE, --dest-file=DEST_FILE Upload the file as this path
-tTOPDIR, --topdir=TOPDIR Make all files relative to this string
--delim-start=DELIM_START Start delimiter for variable interpolation
--delim-end=DELIM_END End delimiter for variable interpolation
-h, --help Show help message and exit