C.10.9. RHN Satellite Server::Process Health

The RHN Satellite Server::Process Health probe monitors customer-specified processes and collects the following metrics:
  • CPU Usage — The CPU usage percent for a given process.
  • Child Process Groups — The number of child processes spawned from the specified parent process. A child process inherits most of its attributes, such as open files, from its parent.
  • Threads — The number of running threads for a given process. A thread is the basic unit of CPU utilization, and consists of a program counter, a register set, and a stack space. A thread is also called a lightweight process.
  • Physical Memory Used — The amount of physical memory in kilobytes being used by the specified process.
  • Virtual Memory Used — The amount of virtual memory in kilobytes being used by the specified process, or the size of the process in real memory plus swap.
Specify the process by its command name or process ID. (PID). Entering a PID overrides the entry of a command name. If no command name or PID is entered, the error Command not found is displayed and the probe is set to a CRITICAL state.

Table C.71. RHN Satellite Server::Process Health settings

Field Value
Command Name
Process ID (PID) file
Timeout* 15
Critical Maximum CPU Usage
Warning Maximum CPU Usage
Critical Maximum Child Process Groups
Warning Maximum Child Process Groups
Critical Maximum Threads
Warning Maximum Threads
Critical Maximum Physical Memory Used
Warning Maximum Physical Memory Used
Critical Maximum Virtual Memory Used
Warning Maximum Virtual Memory Used