C.8. Network Services

The probes in this section monitor various services integral to a functioning network. When applying them, ensure that their timed thresholds do not exceed the amount of time allotted to the timeout period. Otherwise, an UNKNOWN status is returned in all instances of extended latency, thereby nullifying the thresholds.

C.8.1. Network Services::DNS Lookup

The Network Services::DNS Lookup probe uses the dig command to see if it can resolve the system or domain name specified in the Host or Address to look up field. It collects the following metric:
  • Query Time — The time in milliseconds required to execute the dig request.
This is useful in monitoring the status of your DNS servers. To monitor one of your DNS servers, supply a well-known host/domain name, such as a large search engine or corporate Web site.

Table C.37. Network Services::DNS Lookup settings

Field Value
Host or Address to look up
Timeout* 10
Critical Maximum Query Time
Warning Maximum Query Time