A.3.13. Uploading Multiple Files at Once

To upload multiple files to a config channel from local disk at once, issue the command:
 rhncfg-manager upload-channel --topdir=topdir channel-label
The output resembles the following:
Using config channel example-channel4 
Uploading /tmp/ola_world.txt from blah4/tmp/ola_world.txt
The following table lists the options available for rhncfg-manager upload-channel:

Table A.11. rhncfg-manager upload-channel options

Option Description
-tTOPDIR, --topdir=TOPDIR Directory all the file paths are relative to
-cCHANNEL, --channel=CHANNEL List of channels the config info will be uploaded into. Channels delimited by ','. Example: --channel=foo,bar,baz
-h, --help Show help message and exit