8.3. Registration and Updates

Now that you have installed RHN-specific packages, implemented SSL, and reconfigured your client systems to connect to the RHN Satellite Server, you are ready to begin registering systems and obtaining updates.

8.3.1. Registering Systems

This section describes the RHN registration process for UNIX systems. You must use the rhnreg_ks command to accomplish this; the use of activation keys for registering your systems is optional. These keys allow you to predetermine settings within RHN, such as base channels and system groups, and to apply those automatically to systems during their registration.
Since activation key generation and use is covered extensively in other chapters, this section focuses on differences when applying them to UNIX variants. Refer to Section, “Managing Activation Keys” for full descriptions of this process.
To register UNIX systems with your RHN Satellite Server, accomplish the following tasks in this order:
  1. Log into the Satellite's web interface and click the Systems tab in the top navigation bar followed by Activation Keys in the left navigation bar. Then click the create new key link at the top-right corner of the page.
  2. On the following page, select the base channel you created at the end of Section 8.2.1, “Satellite Server Preparation/Configuration”.
  3. After creating the key, click its name in the Activation Keys list to enhance its RHN settings by associating software and configuration channels and system groups.
  4. Open a terminal on the client system to be registered and switch user to root.
  5. Use rhnreg_ks along with the --activationkey option to register the client with the Satellite. The string of characters that make up the key may be copied directly from the Activation Keys list on the website. The resulting command will look something like the following:
    rhnreg_ks --activationkey=b25fef0966659314ef9156786bd9f3af
    Be sure to replace the argument of each option with values appropriate to your organization.
  6. Go back to the website, click the name of the activation key, and ensure the new system appears within the Activated Systems tab.