7.2.2. Installing the Red Hat Network Monitoring Daemon

Install the Red Hat Network Monitoring Daemonto prepare systems for monitoring with the probes identified in Section 7.2.1, “Probes requiring the daemon”. Note that the steps in this section are optional if you intend to use sshd to allow secure connections between the RHN monitoring infrastructure and the monitored systems. Refer to Section 7.2.3, “Configuring SSH” for instructions.
The rhnmd package can be found in the RHN Tools channel for all Red Hat Enterprise Linux distributions. To install it:
  1. Subscribe the systems to be monitored to the RHN Tools channel associated with the system. This can be done individually through the System Details ⇒ Channels ⇒ Software sub-tab or for multiple systems at once through the Channel Details ⇒ Target Systems tab.
  2. Once subscribed, open the Channel Details ⇒ Packages tab and find the rhnmd package (under 'R').
  3. Click the package name to open the Package Details page. Go to the Target Systems tab, select the desired systems, and click Install Packages.
  4. Install the SSH public key on all client systems to be monitored, as described in Section 7.2.4, “Installing the SSH key”.
  5. Start the Red Hat Network Monitoring Daemonon all client systems using the command:
    service rhnmd start
  6. When adding probes requiring the daemon, accept the default values for RHNMD User and RHNMD Port: nocpulse and 4545, respectively.