C.8.8. Network Services::RPCService

The Network Services::RPCService probe tests the availability of remote procedure call (RPC) programs on a given IP address. It collects the following metric:
  • Remote Service Latency — The time it takes in seconds for the RPC server to answer a connection request.
RPC server programs, which provide function calls via that RPC network, register themselves in the RPC network by declaring a program ID and a program name. NFS is an example of a service that works via the RPC mechanism.
Client programs that wish to use the resources of RPC server programs do so by asking the machine on which the server program resides to provide access to RPC functions within the RPC program number or program name. These conversations can occur over either TCP or UDP (but are almost always UDP).
This probe allows you to test simple program availability. You must specify the program name or number, the protocol over which the conversation occurs, and the usual timeout period.

Table C.44. Network Services::RPCService settings

Field Value
Protocol (TCP/UDP) udp
Service Name* nfs
Timeout* 10
Critical Maximum Remote Service Latency
Warning Maximum Remote Service Latency