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7.173. python-virtinst

An updated python-virtinst package that fixes several bugs is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The python-virtinst package contains several command-line utilities, including virt-install for building and installing new virtual machines, and virt-clone for cloning existing virtual machines.

Bug Fixes

Previously, the virt-manager tool generated an invalid XML code when defining a bridge interface. As a consequence, bridge devices could not be created. With this update, virt-manager generates the correct definition XML and creating bridge devices no longer fails.
Prior to this update, input from the user was validated incorrectly by the virt-install utility. Consequently, a non-sparse LVM could not be created and an error message was displayed. This update fixes the input validation and virt-install can now create a non-sparse LVM as expected and an error no longer occurs.
Previously, changing the processor type to "copy from host" caused all CPU extensions to be copied manually, even extensions that were not supported for migration. As a consequence, running the "virsh save" command after reboot failed, and an error message was displayed. With this update, when the "--cpu=host" option is specified, the "cpu mode='host-model'" option is used. As a result, unsupported extensions are not no longer manually copied, and the described error no longer occurs.
Users of python-virtinst are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixes these bugs.