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7.194. sendmail

Updated sendmail packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
Sendmail is a Mail Transport Agent (MTA) used to send mail between machines.

Bug Fixes

Previously, the sendmail macro MAXHOSTNAMELEN allowed only 63 characters for the host name length. However, in some cases, it was used against the length of a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN), which has a maximum length of 255 characters. Consequently, FQDN resolution did not work correctly in some cases. To fix this bug, MAXHOSTNAMELEN now allows a maximum of 255 characters.
The sendmail queue runner could previously terminate unexpectedly under certain circumstances. Consequently, sendmail stopped processing the mail queue. This update introduces a fix that prevents the source code from triggering an assertion in the OpenLDAP code when the connection to an LDAP server is lost while making a query. As a result, the assertion no longer causes the queue runner to terminate, and sendmail continues processing the mail queue as expected.
Under certain circumstances, sendmail previously recorded a very large number of log messages that reported failures to set the close-on-exec flag. The Milter implementation has been modified to perform socket validation before the fnctl() function attempts to set close-on-exec. As a result, fnctl() is no longer called on invalid sockets, and the described log messages no longer occur.
Prior to this update, the ldap_routing feature did not work as expected. If ldap_routing was used, sendmail reported the "-T<TMPF>" option missing, and the user was required to insert "-T<TMPF>" manually. With this update, the macro for generating configuration for ldap_routing has been fixed, and the user is no longer required to add "-T<TMPF>" manually when using ldap_routing.
Previously, the "{client_port}" value could not be used on little-endian machines, for example in mail filters, because it was set incorrectly. This update corrects the "{client_port}" value on little-endian machines.
Users of sendmail are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.