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7.183. ricci

Updated ricci packages that fix several bugs and add one enhancement are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The ricci packages contain a daemon and a client for remote configuring and managing of clusters.

Bug Fixes

Previously, the luci application server and the ccs cluster configuration command in some cases displayed incorrect information about certain aspects of the cluster, such as the daemon status or specific management tasks. With this update, replies to clients' requests against service modules included with the ricci daemon are composed correctly again. As a result, luci and ccs now provide correct information about the cluster.
Previously, using the rgmanager utility to disable guest virtual machines (VMs) forced the guests off after 2 minutes. However, when Microsoft Windows guests download system upgrades, they install them during operating system (OS) shutdown. Consequently, if rgmanager forced the Windows guest off during this process, the guest OS could be damaged or destroyed. This update gives the server more time to shut down, and the guest OS can now safely install updates before the shutdown.
Prior to this update, the ricci daemon accepted deprecated and insecure SSLv2 connections, which could lead to security issues. With his update, SSLv2 connections are refused, thus fixing this bug.
Once authenticated, the ccs utility previously ignored any attempts to re-authenticate. Consequently, the user attempting to re-authenticate with a password did not get an error message even if they used an incorrect password. With this update, ccs verifies the password even if it is already authenticated by ricci, and if the password is not valid, ccs returns an error.
Prior to this update, the ccs utility did not properly ignore the SIGPIPE signal. When piping the output of ccs into another program, a traceback could occur if the other program closed the pipe before the ccs process was resolved. Now, ccs properly ignores SIGPIPE, and ccs no longer issues a traceback in the described situation.
Previously, the ccs utility did not properly handle comments in the cluster.conf file if they were located in the services section. As a consequence, tracebacks could occur in ccs when listing services. With this update, ccs ignores any comments in the services or resources sections of cluster.conf instead of trying to parse them, thus fixing this bug.
The ccs utility did not prevent multiple syncs or activations from executing in one ccs command. Consequently, it was possible to issue a command using multiple options that caused multiple syncs and activations. This update allows only one sync or activation per command, thus fixing this bug.


The cluster schema in the ricci packages, used by the ccs utility for offline validation, has been updated. This update includes new options in resource and fence agents packages, and in the rgmanager utility and fenced cluster daemons.
Users of ricci are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add this enhancement.