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7.189. sblim-sfcb

Updated sblim-sfcb packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
Small Footprint CIM Broker (sblim-sfcb) is a Common Information Model (CIM) server conforming to the CIM Operations over the HTTP protocol. The SFCB CIM server is robust and resource-efficient, and is therefore particularly-suited for embedded and resource-constrained environments. The sblim-sfcb package supports providers written against the Common Manageability Programming Interface (CMPI).

Bug Fixes

Due to incorrect buffer handling in the sblim-sfcb server, the wbemcli CIM client returned an error message when trying to connect to sblim-sfcb over the HTTPS protocol. A patch has been provided to fix this bug, and sblim-sfcb is now reachable over HTTPS without any errors.
When a sblim-sfcb server was used in combination with Openwsman and the openwsmand service connected locally to the sblim-sfcb server, a defunct process was left behind. As a consequence, a new process could not be created by the system. With this update, Openwsman defunct processes no longer occur after terminating the connection to the sblim-sfcb server.
Due to a memory leak in the sblim-sfcb server, the amount of memory consumed by the sfcbd service process was increased. The underlying source code has been modified to fix this bug, and the sfcbd service process no longer causes an unwanted memory consumption increase.
Users of sblim-sfcb are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.