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7.152. papi

Updated papi packages that add one enhancement are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
PAPI (Performance Application Programming Interface) is a software library that provides a specification of cross-platform interfaces to hardware performance counters on modern microprocessors. These counters exist as a small set of registers that count events, which are occurrences of specific signals related to a processor's function. Monitoring these events allows developers to track performance-related events, such as cache misses, instructions retired, and clock cycles, to better understand the performance issues of the software. PAPI uses libpfm to select the performance monitoring events for the various processors.


The support for Intel Core and Intel Xeon v3 family processors, as well as certain Intel Pentium and Intel Celeron family processors, has been added to PAPI. As a result, developers can now use PAPI on machines with the these processors. Note that this feature has been added only to version 5 of PAPI. For the PAPI 4 libraries, included in the packages for compatibility, these processors remain unsupported.
Users of papi are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which add this enhancement.