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7.182. rhn-client-tools

Updated rhn-client-tools packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
Red Hat Network Client Tools provide programs and libraries that allow a system to receive software updates from Red Hat Network.

Bug Fixes

When the rhnpush command was executed with the --server option, and the sslCACert variable was pointing to a non-existent path, rhnpush failed even when the connection to the server used the http protocol instead of https. With this update, rhnpush searches for CA certificate only when it is necessary, which prevents the described failure from occurring.
Previously, the rhn_check command returned an exception when processing a script that contained non-ascii characters. With this update, rhn_check accepts non-ascii characters as expected.
When executing the rhnpush command without any options, the command redundantly prompted for user credentials, and afterwards displayed a usage message about missing options. With this update, the command displays available options without asking for credentials.
Red Hat Network Client Tools did not calculate the CPU socket information on certain systems properly. With this update, rhn-client-tools parse the /proc/cpuinfo file correctly and thus provide the correct CPU socket information for all systems.
BZ#1147319, BZ#1147322, BZ#1147890, BZ#1147904, BZ#1147916
Several minor bugs have been fixed in various localizations of the Red Hat Network Client Tools GUI.
Previously, when running the "firstboot --reconfig" command on the system that was already registered with the Red Hat Subscription Management, the boot procedure failed on the Choose Service page. This bug has been fixed, and the exception no longer occurs on registered systems.
Users of rhn-client-tools are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.