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7.211. sysvinit

Updated sysvinit packages that fix two bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The sysvinit packages contain programs that control basic system processes. SysVinit includes the init program, which is the first program started by the Linux kernel when the system boots. The init daemon process is the parent of all processes and continues running until the system is shut down. The sysvinit packages also contain many commonly used utilities, such as reboot, shutdown, poweroff, and sulogin.

Bug Fixes

If a running binary is replaced, its executable symbolic link in the /proc file system is appended with "(deleted)". Previously, the pidof utility could not handle the suffix. As a consequence, pidof falsely reported that there was no running binary with the original path. With this update, the "(deleted)" suffix is removed when parsing /proc, and pidof works correctly in the described situation.
Usually, init scripts have the same name as the respective daemons and when the init script looks for the name of the daemon, the PID of the init script that starts the search needs to be excluded. Previously, the pidofproc() function could falsely identify certain processes started by an init script as the daemon of the same name, as the init script could, for example, be running twice. Consequently, pidofproc() failed to return the correct PID of the daemon. With this update, a new "-m" option is available for the pidof utility. The new "-m" option makes it possible to omit any processes that are similar to those explicitly ignored.
Users of sysvinit are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.