7.179. redhat-support-tool

Updated redhat-support-tool and redhat-support-lib-python packages that fix several bugs and add various enhancements are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The redhat-support-tool utility facilitates console-based access to Red Hat's subscriber services and gives Red Hat subscribers more venues for accessing the content and services available to them as Red Hat customers. Further, it enables Red Hat customers to integrate and automate their helpdesk services with our subscription services.

Bug Fixes

Previously, bugs in the redhat-support-lib-python library caused the "addattachment" command to fail with an error message "TypeError: unhashable type" when files were uploaded using FTP through an HTTP proxy configured to proxy FTP. As a consequence, attachments could not be sent to the RedHat FTP dropbox if redhat-support-tool was configured to use an HTTP proxy and the "-f" option was used with the "addattachment" command. The underlying redhat-support-lib-python code has been fixed, and the "redhat-support-tool addattachment -f" command now successfully uploads files to the RedHat FTP dropbox in this scenario.
Due to bugs in redhat-support-lib-python, the "addattachment" command failed with an error message "unknown URL type" when files were uploaded to the Customer Portal using an HTTP proxy. Consequently, attachments could not be added to cases if redhat-support-tool was configured to use an HTTP proxy. This bug has been fixed, and the "redhat-support-tool addattachment" command now successfully uploads files to the Customer Portal through an HTTP proxy.
When retrieving case information from the Customer Portal using the /rs/case Representational State Transfer (REST) endpoint, the case group number was included in the response but not in the case group name. Consequently, when viewing the case details with the "redhat-support-tool getcase" command, the case group number and name were not displayed. With this update, an additional call to the /rs/groups endpoint has been added, and "redhat-support-tool getcase" now displays the case group name along with other case information.
Previously, the way redhat-support-tool stored Customer Portal passwords was inconsistent in terms of encoding and decoding. As a consequence, certain passwords could not be decoded correctly. With this update, the method of decoding of the stored Customer Portal passwords has been made consistent with how the passwords were encoded, and the described problem no longer occurs.
Users of redhat-support-tool and redhat-support-lib-python are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add these enhancements.