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7.123. man-pages-overrides

An updated man-pages-overrides package that fixes several bugs is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The man-pages-overrides package provides a collection of manual (man) pages to complement other packages or update those contained therein.

Bug Fixes

Previously, the eventfd(2) manual page did not describe the EFD_SEMAPHORE flag, although the kernel supported this feature. This update adds the missing details about EFD_SEMAPHORE to eventfd(2).
The yum-security(8) manual page contained insufficient information about package selection mechanism of the "update-minimum" command with the "--advisory" option. This update adds a more detailed explanation of this process, including an example syntax.
Previously, the description of the %util field in the iostat(1) and sar(1) manual pages was incorrect. The description of %util has been fixed, and documentation of the iostat and sar commands is now correct.
The pthread_kill(3) manual page contained incorrect information about a possibility to use the pthread_kill() function to check for the existence of a thread ID. Consequently, following this instruction led to a segmentation fault in case of a non-existent thread ID. The misleading piece of information has been removed and pthread_kill(3) now includes more details about handling of non-existent thread IDs.
Previously, the statfs struct section in the statfs(2) manual page did not mention the "f_flags" and "f_spare" fields. This update adds the missing fields to statfs(2).
The reposync(1) manual page did not contain descriptions of the "e", "d", "m", and "norepopath" options. With this update, reposync(1) provides the complete list of options and their descriptions.
Prior to this update, certain manual pages in Russian language were incorrectly encoded. As a consequence, users were unable to read such man pages. This bug has been fixed, and man pages are displayed in the correct encoding.
Users of man-pages-overrides are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixes these bugs.