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7.212. tar

Updated tar packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The GNU tar program can save multiple files in one archive and restore the files from that archive.

Bug Fixes

Previously, when the "--verify" or "-W" option was used, the tar utility always exited with a status of 2, and false warning messagess per each archived file were printed. This behavior was a regression introduced in tar-1.23-11.el6. With this update, tar exits with a status of 2 only if there is a real problem with the archived files.
Prior to this update, tar interpreted an argument containing an unescaped "[" character and no corresponding "]" character as a pattern-matching string instead of an archive member name, unless the "--no-wildcard" option was used. Consequently, if a user wanted to extract an existing archive member with a path name containing the argument, tar failed to match the argument with the corresponding member, printed an error message, and eventually exited with a non-zero exit status. This problem has been fixed, and tar is now able to extract such a file.
Previously, tar did not automatically detect archives compressed by the xz program if the user did not specify the "-J" or "--xz" option on the command line. As a consequence, if the processed archive had the ".xz" extension, tar extracted or listed the contents of the archive but printed an error message and eventually exited with a non-zero exit status. If the archive did not have this extension, tar failed. With this update, the automatic recognition mechanism has been improved. As a result, tar no longer prints an error message in this scenario, and it extracts or lists the contents of such archives correctly regardless of the extension.
The tar(1) man page does not list all the available options; however, it now mentions the fact that complete information on using tar is available in the tar Info page, which can be displayed by running the "info tar" command.
Users of tar are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.