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Appendix A. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 0.1-0Thu Apr 27 2017Lenka Špačková
Added the deprecated zerombr yes Kickstart command to Deprecated Functionality.
Revision 0.0-9Tue Mar 21 2017Jiří Herrmann
Further update to Deprecated Functionality.
Revision 0.0-8Fri Jun 03 2016Lenka Špačková
Updated Deprecated Functionality.
Revision 0.0-7Tue May 10 2016Lenka Špačková
Moved Btrfs and eCryptfs file systems from Technology Previews to Deprecated Functionality.
Revision 0.0-6Wed Mar 30 2016Lenka Špačková
Updated Technology Previews (added clufter), Deprecated Functionality (intro, storage drivers).
Revision 0.0-5Thu Jan 21 2016Lenka Špačková
Added information about the removed systemtap-grapher package to the Deprecated Functionality Chapter.
Revision 0.0-4Mon Jan 04 2016Lenka Špačková
Added information on the i40e and i40evf kernel drivers to the Technology Previews chapter. Fixed Russian font package names.
Revision 0.0-1.1Mon Jul 20 2015Laura Bailey
Release of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 GA Technical Notes.
Revision 0.0-0.2Wed Apr 29 2015Radek Bíba
Release of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 Beta Technical Notes.