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7.83. iproute

Updated iproute packages that fix several bugs and add two enhancements are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The iproute packages contain networking utilities such as ip and rtmon designed to use the advanced networking capabilities of the Linux kernel.

Bug Fixes

The default route was erroneously deleted after running the "ip route del" command without further parameters. A patch has been applied, and the default route is no longer removed in this situation.
Running the "bridge monitor file" command opened the file, but never closed it. A fix has been applied to close the opened file after loading its content. As a result, the command now closes all opened files as expected.
Previously, the "ip -6 addrlabel" command returned an incorrect error message that contained "inet" instead of "inet6". To fix this bug, the error message has been changed to include "inet" for IPv4 addresses and "inet6" for IPv6 addresses.
Prior to this update, the iproute utility handled the return values of the send() system call incorrectly when reading kernel responses. Consequently, iproute could interpret successful kernel responses as failures, which caused iproute to terminate with an error. With this update, iproute uses the return values correctly and processes kernel responses as intended.
The /sbin/ip file displayed statistics for 32-bit system even on 64-bit kernel. To fix this bug, a patch has been applied, and the statistics are now presented correctly.
Prior to this update, multipath routing did not function with IPv6 addresses and resulted in an "IP address is expected rather than "2001:470:25:94::1" error. To fix this bug, a patch that enables adding multipath routes using IPv6 addresses has been applied.


Support for spoof checking configuration has been added to iproute.
Dynamic precision, human readable, and IEC outputs are now backported to IP statistics.
Users of iproute are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add these enhancements.