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7.80. initscripts

Updated initscripts packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The initscripts packages contain basic system scripts to boot the system, change runlevels, activate and deactivate most network interfaces, and shut down the system cleanly.

Bug Fixes

Due to a race condition, the multicast_snooping bridging option failed to be applied before creating a bridge device. With this update, multicast_snooping is applied after the bridge is up, and the option now works as intended.
Previously, the rc.sysinit script only set affinity for PID 1 (init), which caused that processes that were run from sysinit did not inherit this setting. This update sets affinity also for the script itself, and thus initscripts correctly set affinity for all running processes.
The net.bridge.bridge-nf-call-ip6tables key was previously applied on all systems. Consequently, when a kernel module was missing, harmless but unnecessary messages were returned. The rules have been relocated from sysctl.conf, which ensures that they are applied only if needed.
When a shutdown was attempted while an NFS Client machine had I/O in progress on an NFS mount, the system became unresponsive during shutdown. This update applies a lazy mount, within which all processes that have open File Descriptors (FDs) are found and killed, and hangs thus no longer occur in this situation.
Previously, the netconsole starting priority was set to 50, which caused that netconsole was started late during the system boot. This update lowers the priority so that netconsole starts right after the network is up.
If was present, resolv.conf was overwritten by the content of As a consequence, unexpected changes could occur to resolve.conf. Now, the content of resolv.conf is replaced only when the device is dynamically configured or contains DNS options in its ifcfg file.
Previously, the broadcast address was not computed correctly due to the ipcalc utility not being aware of RFC 3021. With this update, ipcalc correctly recognizes RFC 3021, thus fixing this bug.
Previously, network aliases did not inherit the ARPCHECK variable from their parents, which caused that parents where not checked for duplicate IP addresses but their aliases did check them. With this update, alias devices inherit ARPCHECK.
Previously, a syntax error occurred when using the tcsh shell along with the grep utility, returning the following error after logging:
grep: character class syntax is [[:space:]], not [:space:]
The lang.csh code has been fixed, and error messages are no longer returned in this scenario.
Prior to this update, if the system became unresponsive during boot, the administrator was not able to determine the cause. This update adds more informative messages returned by rc.sysinit. In addition, a new rc.debug option for the kernel command line has been added, so that the administrator receives proper debugging information.
Due to a syntax error in the install_bonding_driver() function, the following error message was returned:
/sys/class/net/bonding/slaves: No such file or directory
The syntax error has been fixed, and the aforementioned error message is no longer returned.
Previously, network initscripts silently failed if the root was on the network file system and did not perform any action, which was confusing. Now, network initscripts print the following message to inform the system administrator:
rootfs is on network filesystem, leaving network up
Previously, the "ip addr flush" command was called with global scope, which is incorrect for loopback addresses. Consequently, the system could become unresponsive. With this update, the scope host for loopback is used, and the flush operation works as expected.
Users of initscripts are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.