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7.112. libxcb

Updated libxcb and libX11 packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The libxcb packages provide the X protocol C-language Binding (XCB) library. XCB is a replacement for Xlib featuring a small footprint, latency hiding, direct access to the protocol, improved threading support, and extensibility. The libX11 packages contain the core X11 protocol client library.

Bug Fixes

Previously, the "mute microphone" key in some cases did not work when using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. With this update, libX11 properly resolves the key symbol assigned to the "mute microphone" key by the xkeyboard-config keyboard layout files, and the "mute microphone" key now works as expected.
BZ#1206240, BZ#1046410, BZ#1164296
On 32-bit architectures, an X11 protocol client was under certain circumstances disconnected after processing a large number of X11 requests. With this update, the libxcb library exposes the request sequence number as a 64-bit integer so that libX11 can make use of 64-bit sequence number even on 32-bit systems. As a result, the described failure of the X11 client no longer occurs.
Users of libxcb and libX11 are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.