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14.6.2. Stopping a Running Domain to Restart It Later

virsh managedsave domain --bypass-cache --running | --paused | --verbose saves and destroys (stops) a running domain so that it can be restarted from the same state at a later time. When used with a virsh start command it is automatically started from this save point. If it is used with the --bypass-cache option the save will avoid the filesystem cache. Note that this option may slow down the save process speed.
--verbose displays the progress of the dump process
Under normal conditions, the managed save will decide between using the running or paused state as determined by the state the domain is in when the save is done. However, this can be overridden by using the --running option to indicate that it must be left in a running state or by using --paused option which indicates it is to be left in a paused state.
To remove the managed save state, use the virsh managedsave-remove command which will force the domain to do a full boot the next time it is started.
Note that the entire managed save process can be monitored using the domjobinfo command and can also be canceled using the domjobabort command.