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Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux ARP/RARP

Protocol ID: arp or rarp
Rules of this type should either go into the root or arp/rarp chain.

Table 18.6. ARP and RARP protocol types

Attribute NameDatatypeDefinition
srcmacaddrMAC_ADDRMAC address of sender
srcmacmaskMAC_MASKMask applied to MAC address of sender
dstmacaddrMAC_ADDRMAC address of destination
dstmacmaskMAC_MASKMask applied to MAC address of destination
hwtypeUINT16Hardware type
protocoltypeUINT16Protocol type
opcodeUINT16, STRINGOpcode valid strings are: Request, Reply, Request_Reverse, Reply_Reverse, DRARP_Request, DRARP_Reply, DRARP_Error, InARP_Request, ARP_NAK
arpsrcmacaddrMAC_ADDRSource MAC address in ARP/RARP packet
arpdstmacaddrMAC _ADDRDestination MAC address in ARP/RARP packet
arpsrcipaddrIP_ADDRSource IP address in ARP/RARP packet
arpdstipaddrIP_ADDRDestination IP address in ARP/RARP packet
gratuitousBOOLEANBoolean indiating whether to check for a gratuitous ARP packet
commentSTRING text string up to 256 characters