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14.5.5. Displaying Device Block Statistics

This command will display the block statistics for a running domain. You need to have both the domain name and the device name (use the virsh domblklist to list the devices.)In this case a block device is the unique target name (<target dev='name'/>) or a source file (< source file ='name'/>). Note that not every hypervisor can display every field. To make sure that the output is presented in its most legible form use the --human option, as shown:
# virsh domblklist rhel6
Target     Source
vda        /VirtualMachines/rhel6.img
hdc        -

# virsh domblkstat --human rhel6 vda
Device: vda
 number of read operations:      174670
 number of bytes read:           3219440128
 number of write operations:     23897
 number of bytes written:        164849664
 number of flush operations:     11577
 total duration of reads (ns):   1005410244506
 total duration of writes (ns):  1085306686457
 total duration of flushes (ns): 340645193294