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18.7.2. Routed Mode

This section provides information about routed mode.

Consider a network where one or more nodes are placed in a controlled subnetwork for security reasons. The deployment of a special subnetwork such as this is a common practice, and the subnetwork is known as a DMZ. Refer to the following diagram for more details on this layout:

Sample DMZ configuration

Figure 18.8. Sample DMZ configuration

Host physical machines in a DMZ typically provide services to WAN (external) host physical machines as well as LAN (internal) host physical machines. As this requires them to be accessible from multiple locations, and considering that these locations are controlled and operated in different ways based on their security and trust level, routed mode is the best configuration for this environment.
Virtual Server Hosting

Consider a virtual server hosting company that has several host physical machines, each with two physical network connections. One interface is used for management and accounting, the other is for the virtual machines to connect through. Each guest has its own public IP address, but the host physical machines use private IP address as management of the guests can only be performed by internal administrators. Refer to the following diagram to understand this scenario:

Virtual server hosting sample configuration

Figure 18.9. Virtual server hosting sample configuration