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14.7.2. Setting NUMA Parameters

The virsh numatune can either set or retrieve the NUMA parameters for a specified domain. Within the Domain XML file these parameters are nested within the <numatune> element. Without using options, only the current settings are displayed. The numatune domain command requires a specified domain and can take the following options:
  • --mode - The mode can be set to either strict, interleave, or preferred. Running domains cannot have their mode changed while live unless the domain was started within strict mode.
  • --nodeset contains a list of NUMA nodes that are used by the host physical machine for running the domain. The list contains nodes, each separated by a comma, with a dash - used for node ranges and a caret ^ used for excluding a node.
  • Only one of the following three options can be used per instance:
    • --config will take effect on the next boot of a persistent guest virtual machine.
    • --live will set the scheduler information of a running guest virtual machine.
    • --current will affect the current state of the guest virtual machine.