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14.7.11. Listing Devices on a Node

The virsh nodedev-list cap --tree command lists all the devices available on the node that are known by libvirt. cap is used to filter the list by capability types, each separated by a comma and cannot be used with --tree. Using the --tree option, puts the output into a tree structure as shown:
   #  virsh nodedev-list --tree
  +- net_lo_00_00_00_00_00_00
  +- net_macvtap0_52_54_00_12_fe_50
  +- net_tun0
  +- net_virbr0_nic_52_54_00_03_7d_cb
  +- pci_0000_00_00_0
  +- pci_0000_00_02_0
  +- pci_0000_00_16_0
  +- pci_0000_00_19_0
  |   |
  |   +- net_eth0_f0_de_f1_3a_35_4f

(this is a partial screen)