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14.7.7. Setting and Displaying the Node Memory Parameters

The node-memory-tune [shm-pages-to-scan] [shm-sleep-milisecs] [shm-merge-across-nodes] command displays and allows you to set the node memory parameters. There are three parameters that may be set with this command:
  • shm-pages-to-scan - sets the number of pages to scan before the shared memory service goes to sleep.
  • shm-sleep-milisecs - sets the number of milliseconds that the shared memory service will sleep before the next scan
  • shm-merge-across-nodes - specifies if pages from different NUMA nodes can be merged. Values allowed are 0 and 1. When set to 0, the only pages that can be merged are those that are physically residing in the memory area of the same NUMA node. When set to 1, pages from all of the NUMA nodes can be merged. The default setting is 1.