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A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux STP (Spanning Tree Protocol)

Protocol ID: stp
Rules of this type should go either into the root or stp chain.

Table 18.5. STP protocol types

Attribute NameDatatypeDefinition
srcmacaddrMAC_ADDRMAC address of sender
srcmacmaskMAC_MASKMask applied to MAC address of sender
typeUINT8Bridge Protocol Data Unit (BPDU) type
flagsUINT8BPDU flagdstmacmask
root-priorityUINT16Root priority range start
root-priority-hiUINT16 (0x0-0xfff, 0 - 4095) Root priority range end
root-addressMAC _ADDRESSroot MAC Address
root-address-maskMAC _MASKroot MAC Address mask
roor-costUINT32Root path cost (range start)
root-cost-hiUINT32Root path cost range end
sender-priority-hiUINT16Sender priority range end
sender-addressMAC_ADDRESSBPDU sender MAC address
sender-address-maskMAC_MASKBPDU sender MAC address mask
portUINT16Port identifier (range start)
port_hiUINT16Port identifier range end
msg-ageUINT16Message age timer (range start)
msg-age-hiUINT16Message age timer range end
max-age-hiUINT16Maximum age time range end
hello-timeUINT16Hello time timer (range start)
hello-time-hiUINT16Hello time timer range end
forward-delayUINT16Forward delay (range start)
forward-delay-hiUINT16Forward delay range end
commentSTRING text string up to 256 characters