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4.2. Live Migration and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version Compatibility

Live Migration is supported as shown in table Table 4.1, “Live Migration Compatibility”:

Table 4.1. Live Migration Compatibility

Migration MethodRelease TypeExampleLive Migration SupportNotes
ForwardMajor release5.x → 6.yNot supported
ForwardMinor release5.x → 5.y (y>x, x>=4)Fully supportedAny issues should be reported
ForwardMinor release6.x → 6.y (y>x, x>=0)Fully supportedAny issues should be reported
BackwardMajor release6.x → 5.yNot supported 
BackwardMinor release5.x → 5.y (x>y,y>=4)SupportedRefer to Troubleshooting problems with migration for known issues
BackwardMinor release6.x → 6.y (x>y, y>=0)SupportedRefer to Troubleshooting problems with migration for known issues

Troubleshooting problems with migration

  • Issues with SPICE — It has been found that SPICE has an incompatible change when migrating from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 → 6.1. In such cases, the client may disconnect and then reconnect, causing a temporary loss of audio and video. This is only temporary and all services will resume.
  • Issues with USB — Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 added USB functionality which included migration support, but not without certain caveats which reset USB devices and caused any application running over the device to abort. This problem was fixed in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4, and should not occur in future versions. To prevent this from happening in a version prior to 6.4, abstain from migrating while USB devices are in use.
  • Issues with the migration protocol — If backward migration ends with "unknown section error", repeating the migration process can repair the issue as it may be a transient error. If not, please report the problem.
Configuring Network Storage

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