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A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux snapshot-delete domain

snapshot-delete domain deletes the snapshot for the specified domain. To do this, run:
# virsh snapshot-delete domain {snapshot | --current} [--metadata] [{--children | --children-only}]
This command Deletes the snapshot for the domain named snapshot, or the current snapshot with --current. If this snapshot has child snapshots, changes from this snapshot will be merged into the children. If the option --children is used, then it will delete this snapshot and any children of this snapshot. If --children-only is used, then it will delete any children of this snapshot, but leave this snapshot intact. These two options are mutually exclusive.
The --metadata is used it will delete the snapshot's metadata maintained by libvirt, while leaving the snapshot contents intact for access by external tools; otherwise deleting a snapshot also removes its data contents from that point in time.