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20.8. NUMA Node Tuning

Once NUMA node tuning is done using conventional management tools the following domain XML parameters are effected:
    <memory mode="strict" nodeset="1-4,^3"/>

Figure 20.10. NUMA node tuning

Although all are optional, the components of this section of the domain XML are as follows:

Table 20.7. NUMA node tuning elements

<numatune>Provides details of how to tune the performance of a NUMA host physical machine through controlling NUMA policy for domain process.
<memory>Specifies how to allocate memory for the domain process on a NUMA host physical machine. It contains several optional attributes. Attribute mode is either interleave, strict, or preferred. If no value is given it defaults to strict. Attribute nodeset specifies the NUMA nodes, using the same syntax as attribute cpuset of element <vcpu>. Attribute placement can be used to indicate the memory placement mode for the domain process. Its value can be either static or auto. If attribute <nodeset> is specified it defaults to the <placement> of <vcpu>, or static. auto indicates the domain process will only allocate memory from the advisory nodeset returned from querying numad and the value of attribute nodeset will be ignored if it is specified. If attribute placement of vcpu is auto, and attribute <numatune> is not specified, a default numatune with <placement> auto and mode strict will be added implicitly.