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14.7.5. Displaying CPU Statistics

The nodecpustats command displays statistical information about the specified CPU, if the CPU is given. If not, it will display the CPU status of the node. If a percent is specified, it will display the percentage of each type of CPU statistics that were recorded over an one (1) second interval.
This example shows no CPU specified:
$ virsh nodecpustats
user:               1056442260000000
system:              401675280000000
idle:               7549613380000000
iowait:               94593570000000
This example shows the statistical percentages for CPU number 2:
$ virsh nodecpustats 2 --percent
usage:            2.0%
user:             1.0%
system:           1.0%
idle:            98.0%
iowait:           0.0%
You can control the behavior of the rebooting guest virtual machine by modifying the on_reboot element in the guest virtual machine's configuration file.