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14.5.9. Setting Network Interface Bandwidth Parameters

domiftune sets the guest virtual machine's network interface bandwidth parameters. The following format should be used:
#virsh domiftune domain interface-device [[--config] [--live] | [--current]] [--inbound average,peak,burst] [--outbound average,peak,burst]
The only required parameter is the domain name and interface device of the guest virtual machine, the --config, --live, and --current functions the same as in Section 14.19, “Setting Schedule Parameters”. If no limit is specified, it will query current network interface setting. Otherwise, alter the limits with the following options:
  • <interface-device> This is mandatory and it will set or query the domain’s network interface’s bandwidth parameters. interface-device can be the interface’s target name (<target dev=’name’/>), or the MAC address.
  • If no --inbound or --outbound is specified, this command will query and show the bandwidth settings. Otherwise, it will set the inbound or outbound bandwidth. average,peak,burst is the same as in attach-interface command. Refer to Section 14.3, “Attaching Interface Devices”