Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux snapshot-edit-domain

This command is used to edit the snapshot that is currently in use. To use, run:
#virsh snapshot-edit domain [snapshotname] [--current] {[--rename] [--clone]}
If both snapshotname and --current are specified, it forces the edited snapshot to become the current snapshot. If snapshotname is omitted, then --current must be supplied, in order to edit the current snapshot.
This is equivalent to the following command sequence below, but it also includes some error checking:
# virsh snapshot-dumpxml dom name > snapshot.xml
# vi snapshot.xml [note - this can be any editor]
# virsh snapshot-create dom snapshot.xml --redefine [--current]
If --rename is specified, then the resulting edited file gets saved in a different file name. If --clone is specified, then changing the snapshot name will create a clone of the snapshot metadata. If neither is specified, then the edits will not change the snapshot name. Note that changing a snapshot name must be done with care, since the contents of some snapshots, such as internal snapshots within a single qcow2 file, are accessible only from the original snapshot filename.