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14.9.4. Rebooting a Guest Virtual Machine

Use the virsh reboot command to reboot a guest virtual machine. The prompt will return once the reboot has executed. Note that there may be a time lapse until the guest virtual machine returns.
#virsh reboot {domain-id, domain-name or domain-uuid} [--mode method]
You can control the behavior of the rebooting guest virtual machine by modifying the <on_reboot> element in the guest virtual machine's configuration file. Refer to Section 20.12, “Events Configuration” for more information.
By default, the hypervisor will try to pick a suitable shutdown method. To specify an alternative method, the --mode option can specify a comma separated list which includes initctl, acpi, agent, and signal. The order in which drivers will try each mode is not related to the order specified in the command. For strict control over ordering, use a single mode at a time and repeat the command.