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18.7. Examples of Common Scenarios

This section demonstrates different virtual networking modes and provides some example scenarios.

18.7.1. Bridged Mode

Bridged mode operates on Layer 2 of the OSI model. When used, all of the guest virtual machines will appear on the same subnet as the host physical machine. The most common use cases for bridged mode include:
  • Deploying guest virtual machines in an existing network alongside host physical machines making the difference between virtual and physical machines transparent to the end user.
  • Deploying guest virtual machines without making any changes to existing physical network configuration settings.
  • Deploying guest virtual machines which must be easily accessible to an existing physical network. Placing guest virtual machines on a physical network where they must access services within an existing broadcast domain, such as DHCP.
  • Connecting guest virtual machines to an existing network where VLANs are used.