20.2. Configuration of Transports

20.2.1. About Acceptors and Connectors

HornetQ uses the concept of connectors and acceptors as a key part of the messaging system.

Acceptors and Connectors

An acceptor defines which types of connections are accepted by the HornetQ server.
A connector defines how to connect to a HornetQ server, and is used by the HornetQ client.
There are two types of connectors and acceptors, relating to whether the matched connector and acceptor pair occur within same JVM or not.

Invm and Netty

Invm is short for Intra Virtual Machine. It can be used when both the client and the server are running in the same JVM.
The name of a JBoss project. It must be used when the client and server are running in different JVMs.
A HornetQ client must use a connector that is compatible with one of the server's acceptors. Only an Invm connector can connect to an Invm acceptor, and only a netty connector can connect to a netty acceptor. The connectors and acceptors are both configured on the server in a standalone.xml and domain.xml. You can use either the Management Console or the Management CLI to define them.