20.14.7. Configuring the HornetQ Servers for Replication

To configure the live and backup servers to be a replicating pair, configure the standalone-full-ha.xml files on each server to have the following settings:
   <cluster-connection name="my-cluster">

Table 20.15. HornetQ Replicating Setup Attributes

Attribute Description
Whether this server is using shared store or not. Default is false.
This is the unique name which identifies a live/backup pair that should replicate with each other
If a replicated live server should check the current cluster to see if there is already a live server with the same node id. Default is false.
Whether this backup server (if it is a backup server) becomes the live server on a normal server shutdown. Default is false.
The backup server must also be flagged explicitly as a backup.

Table 20.16. HornetQ Backup Server Setup Attributes

Attribute Description
Whether this server will automatically shutdown if the original live server comes back up. Default is true.
The maximum number of backup journals to keep after failback occurs. Specifying this attribute is only necessary if allow-failback is true. Default value is 2, which means that after 2 failbacks the backup server must be restarted in order to be able to replicate journal from live server and become backup again.