9.5. Configure a Global Valve

Global valves are enabled and configured in the web subsystem. This is done using the JBoss CLI tool.

Procedure 9.2. Configure a Global Valve

  1. Enable the Valve

    Use the add operation to add a new valve entry.
    You need to specify the following values:
    • VALVENAME, the name that is used to refer to this valve in application configuration.
    • MODULENAME, the module that contains the value being configured.
    • CLASSNAME, the classname of the specific valve in the module.
  2. Optionally: Specify Parameters

    If the valve has configuration parameters, specify these with the add-param operation.
    /subsystem=web/valve=testvalve:add-param(param-name="NAME", param-value="VALUE")
       param-value="^.*MS Web Services Client Protocol.*$"
The valve is now enabled and configured for all deployed applications.