14.6.5. Periodic Log Handler Properties

Table 14.11. Periodic Log Handler Properties

Property Datatype Description
append Boolean
If set to true then all messages written by this handler will be appended to the file if it already exists. If set to false a new file will be created each time the application server launches. Changes to append require a server reboot to take effect.
autoflush Boolean
If set to true the log messages will be sent to the handlers assigned file immediately upon receipt. Changes to autoflush require a server reboot to take effect.
encoding String
The character encoding scheme to be used for the output.
formatter String
The log formatter used by this log handler.
level String
The maximum level of log message the log handler records.
name String
The unique identifier for this log handler.
file Object
Object that represents the file to which the output of this log handler is written. It has two configuration properties, relative-to and path.
relative-to String
This is a property of the file object and is the directory containing the log file. File path variables can be specified here. The jboss.server.log.dir variable points to the log/ directory of the server.
path String
This is a property of the file object and is the name of the file where the log messages will be written. It is a relative path name that is appended to the value of the relative-to property to determine the complete path.
suffix String
This String is appended to the filename of the rotated logs and is used to determine the frequency of rotation. The format of the suffix is a dot (.) followed by a date String which is able to be parsed by the SimpleDateFormat class. The log is rotated on the basis of the smallest time unit defined by the suffix. Note that the smallest time unit allowed in the suffix attribute is minutes.
For example, a suffix value of .YYYY-MM-dd will result in daily log rotation. Assuming a log file named server.log and a suffix value of .YYYY-MM-dd, the log file rotated on 20 October 2014 would be named server.log.2014-10-19. For a periodic log handler, the suffix includes the previous value for the smallest time unit. In this example the value for dd is 19, the previous day.
enabled Boolean
If set to true, the handler is enabled and functioning as normal. If set to false, the handler is ignored when processing log messages.
filter-spec String
An expression value that defines a filter. The following expression defines a filter that does not match a pattern: not(match("JBAS.*")).