14.5. Logging Profiles

14.5.1. About Logging Profiles


Logging profiles are only available in version 6.1.0 and later. They cannot be configured using the management console.
Logging profiles are independent sets of logging configuration that can be assigned to deployed applications. As with the regular logging subsystem, a logging profile can define handlers, categories and a root logger but cannot refer to configuration in other profiles or the main logging subsystem. The design of logging profiles mimics the logging subsystem for ease of configuration.
The use of logging profiles allows administrators to create logging configuration that are specific to one or more applications without affecting any other logging configuration. Because each profile is defined in the server configuration, the logging configuration can be changed without requiring that the affected applications be redeployed.
Each logging profile can have the following configuration:
  • A unique name. This is required.
  • Any number of log handlers.
  • Any number of log categories.
  • Up to one root logger.
An application can specify a logging profile to use in its MANIFEST.MF file, using the logging-profile attribute.