20.14.4. About HornetQ Journal Types

Two journal types are available for HornetQ:
  • NIO
The ASYNCIO journal type, also known as AIO, is a thin native code wrapper around the Linux asynchronous IO library (AIO). Using native functionality can provide better performance than NIO. This journal type is only supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and requires that libaio and the Native Components package are installed where JBoss EAP 6 is running. See the Installation Guide for instructions on installing the Native Components package.


Check the server log after JBoss EAP 6 is started, to ensure that the native library successfully loaded, and that the ASYNCIO journal type is being used. If the native library fails to load, HornetQ will revert to the NIO journal type, and this will be stated in the server log.
The NIO journal type uses standard Java NIO to interface with the file system. It provides very good performance and runs on all supported platforms.
To specify the HornetQ journal type, set the parameter <journal-type> in the Messaging subsystem.