21.4.2. Configure the ORB for JTS Transactions

In a default installation of JBoss EAP 6, the ORB is disabled. You can enable the ORB using the command-line Management CLI.


In a managed domain, the JacORB subsystem is available in full and full-ha profiles only. In a standalone server, it is available when you use the standalone-full.xml or standalone-full-ha.xml configurations.

Procedure 21.3. Configure the ORB using the Management Console

  1. View the profile settings.

    Select Configuration from the top of the management console. If you use a managed domain, select either the full or full-ha profile from the selection box at the top left.
  2. Modify the Initializers Settings

    Expand the Subsystems menu. Expand the Container menu and select JacORB.
    In the form that appears in the main screen, select the Initializers tab and click the Edit button.
    Enable the security interceptors by setting the value of Security to on.
    To enable the ORB for JTS, set the Transaction Interceptors value to on, rather than the default spec.
    Refer to the Need Help? link in the form for detailed explanations about these values. Click Save when you have finished editing the values.
  3. Advanced ORB Configuration

    Refer to the other sections of the form for advanced configuration options. Each section includes a Need Help? link with detailed information about the parameters.
Configure the ORB using the Management CLI

You can configure each aspect of the ORB using the Management CLI. The following commands configure the initializers to the same values as the procedure above, for the Management Console. This is the minimum configuration for the ORB to be used with JTS.

These commands are configured for a managed domain using the full profile. If necessary, change the profile to suit the one you need to configure. If you use a standalone server, omit the /profile=full portion of the commands.

Example 21.3. Enable the Security Interceptors


Example 21.4. Enable Transactions in the JacORB Subsystem


Example 21.5. Enable JTS in the Transaction Subsystem



For JTS activation, the server must be restarted as reload is not enough.