2.4.8. Delete a Configuration Snapshot Using Management CLI

Configuration snapshots are a point-in-time copy of the current server configuration. These copies can be saved and loaded by the administrator.
The following examples use the standalone.xml file, but the same process applies to the domain.xml and host.xml files.

Procedure 2.16. Delete a Specific Snapshot

  1. Identify the snapshot to be deleted. This example will delete the following file from the snapshot directory.
  2. Run the :delete-snapshot command to delete a specific snapshot, specifying the name of the snapshot as in the example below.
    [standalone@localhost:9999 /] :delete-snapshot(name="20110630-165714239standalone.xml")
    {"outcome" => "success"}

The snapshot has been deleted.

Procedure 2.17. Delete All Snapshots

  • Run the :delete-snapshot(name="all") command to delete all snapshots as in the example below.
    [standalone@localhost:9999 /] :delete-snapshot(name="all")
    {"outcome" => "success"}

All snapshots have been deleted.